Sea of Turina

Look Out, Its a Trap!


We interrogate our prisoner, Belgran, a rather annoying fellow. After some insistent questioning we learn that the cultists have been holed up on the far side of the island by an old timber port. He also drops this little gem: The Rask Family, a rather influential elven family in Lier don’t like outsiders and want to isolate the elven settlements. We cannot, however, get any further information from him regarding that issue.

Belgran had orders to rendezvous with the cultist at the timber port and we ask the Captain to take us there. He is hesitant due to difficult navigation of the area. He puts in as close as possible and we row the rest of the way in a rowboat. Once we arrive we head up the embankment to the trail. Thankfully Chalie has sharp eyes and sees that there are many missing branches and rows of logs stacked up the path ready to be rolled over whomever happens to be on it. After some deliberation we decide that Chalie should shoot the trigger to release the logs, Sunder and Valeriana will stay at the bottom out of harms way and Celeste will go with Chalie to make sure she has backup in the event of an attack. She does dig a Celeste size trench in the path to jump into and allow the logs to pass over her (and hopefully leave her unharmed). Chalie triggers the trap, the logs fly down the path, Celeste jumps into her trench, Val and Sunder are missed by the logs. The plan goes off without a hitch….except….a couple of the logs get caught in the trench and Celeste is trapped…nay buried alive (if you want to get dramatic) under them. After some intense pushing by both Chalie and Celeste, she is freed from her temporary prison.

At the top of the trail we see a mine shaft (man made) entrance. It appears to be empty. Just to make sure someone…either Sunder or Valeriana yells “Hey Warriors- come out and play!!!!” but alas there is no response.

We enter the cavern. There is a deep pool (we threw a rock in to check) and some wooden pallets (odd) in this room. Up the path towards the next level we see an idol. As we get closer its eyes begin to glow and creatures appear seemingly from nowhere. Our group has heard of these creatures before but there is some confusion as to their names so we call them Christians (the floating monsters with poison barbed tails) and Raptures (oozing things stuck on the wall) And to make matters even more pleasant, the water in the pool starts to rise and fill the cavern. This does not look good.

As we fight these creatures the water continues to rise. Chalie, in all of her brilliant glory, has somehow managed to learn a spell that creates a sort of floating raft out of tree roots THAT SHE CAN MOVE AT WILL. Freakin amazing. Beary picks up Val and gets her out of the water and we all ride to the next level and the awaiting idol. At this point we are wise to the idol’s threat (get it…idle threat….) and basically stay away from it. But fearing that we might miss something and basically being a little ticked off from getting wet we encourage Chalie to take a shot at it with her bow. Well, no good, or vengeful deed goes unpunished and we soon hear a bubbling in the water after the idol is struck…..Piranhas. Really. Piranhas.

So now we cruise over to the next level, and yes the next idol that is awaiting us. We move close enough to trigger it’s glowing eyes and it turns out this one can move us around at will. Or more precisely it can shove us off the raft and into a pool teeming with piranhas. Which it does with Valeriana and Celeste. Chalie begins shooting that idol with her arrows while Valeriana is attacked by piranhas, Sunder gets out her rope to go fishing for Dwarves (Val) and Celeste (who luckily landed in the water away from the little fishies) grabs a potion out of her pack, drinks is and immediately rises to the surface of the water and proceeds to walk across it (potion of water walking). The idol is destroyed. The dwarf fished out of the water (complete with little fishes in her armor…good eating tonight!) and Celeste catches up with the others at the end of the cavern.

Sunder has located a finely engraved sword by the last idol. while she is putting it in her pack we realize that the door leading out of the cavern has a hole roughly the same size as the sword…a lock and key, perhaps?


So Andy, sword and hole? Really? For our group? The group that when you had the Aborith whose belly was full of dead Seamen couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes! Really, you handed us this little picture and did not expect the following:
“Wow, do you think it will fit”
“Should we put the sword in a little at a time”
“Is there a plastic sheath we should put around the sword first”
“What if the sword is too big”
“Should we look in the hole first” (Jesus, I lost it when you said that one Val)
“What if the sword is too small”
“Should we put the sword all the way in and pull it out really fast”

You know I actually couldn’t jot all of the comments down fast enough, and frankly it seemed like there were about 30-50 of them at least so I’m just going to stop right here. My comrades you can add more in the comments if you wish.


Sunder hands the sword/key to Celeste so if the door is also trapped she can take the hit and be healed by the valiant (if not crude) group.

Total XP 887

Run from a Fight? Never!

Why do we continue to do this, you might ask? Well we had been promised a high level magical item of our choice. And as you know this is quite an offer to warriors like us. I mean gold is one thing….but magical weapons and armor is quite another. Now on top of everything else we have been promised to receive “the Mark of Lier” which is the equivalent of being knighted in a human realm, which would carry our adventurers quite far indeed. And to sweeten the deal we will also each receive an astral diamond of peace. These items, along with the promise of more danger and excitement is really all our little group needs to carry on.

Sunder, however, is hesitant to blindly follow the wishes of the Doge and the kingdom of Lier. She is wise and rightly cautious so we head to the waterfront to meet some of the local citizens and try to determine if the story we are receiving is in fact the whole truth. At the waterfront we meet a local lawman of the city, Bransyn. He is a Half-Elf and seems to be a pretty sharp and honest guy. Currently he is taking statements about local incidents from the citizens of the area. He greets us and begins to tell us that he believes the cultist faction has been luring young hotheads to join their cause. He is also concerned with the recent disappearances of not only crewmen from ships passing through, but higher level ship officers as well. Other people we talk to support the theory that the younger humans (as they are more easily influenced…Celeste gives eyeroll) are joining the cultists, but the non human might be abducted for blood sacrifices. We also discover through questioning that There is a group of semi-influential elves who wish Lier to remain separate from the other nations and not intermingle with the other races. The most vocal of this group is Dorbin who happens to be the nephew of the Doge and is an ardent isolationist.

With the information we have received and our new awesome magical items we awaken feeling particularly strong and happy. As we approach our sailing vessel we see Bransyn on deck. He is insistent on telling us that if we must there is no shame in retreating from the fight that surely is to come as he has heard on the street that we are soon to be ambushed. That we should accomplish our task (of getting a prisoner for information) quickly and retreat as soon as we can. This is an odd request we think…we have not run from a fight yet, why would we consider it now. We thank him for the information and assure him that we will be fine.

Soon after hitting the high sea we are indeed approached by a smaller ship and attacked by a ship carrying a rouge and 2 well armed and armored fighters. We quickly capture the rouge but the battle with the fighters and the Aborinth that joins them last forever (at least 3 hours) nearly killing Celeste on many occasions and even more alarmingly, almost killing Chalie. We finally defeat the fighters and gather their armor and weapons. The high spirits we once had have been drained and we reluctantly acknowledge that the next time someone advises us to run from a fight we should heed their warning.

2x plate armor
2x heavy shield
2x long sword
gold from other ship (anyone know how much?)

300 XP for roleplaying
550 XP for battle

Who Put These Mutherf*cking Snakes on thei Mutherf*cking BOAT!

We open with our “Heroes” catching up to the assassin/cultist ship after having defeated baby Kraken. As we get near and prepare to board their vessel to kick some cultist ass. But wait! They let fly with their trebuchet and send a barrel flying at us. What’s that about, they’re shooting their beer at us? Um no…it’s SNAKES!!! Fucking barrels of poisonous snakes. One of their number jumps aboard our ship (the nerve!) and begins to whomp on Celeste. Gork, however, climbs high into the mast and swings over to their ship to take out the snake shooter. Apparently he learned that move from some guy named Jack…Johnny…something like that. Eventually we kill the baddie that is on our boat and the underlings run away. After sweeping the rest of the snakes (ugh) of our ship we continue to the smugglers cove.

When we approach the pirates encampment we see our assassin. They recognize us as foes (cause we’ve kicked their asses in the past) and they attack. Celeste manages to fall in a trap right away. Then the team gets hit with a crap bomb by one of the skirmishers. Chalie moves to the dock/higher ground so she can do what she does best: pick those baddies off one by one with her bow. Sunder throws some badass spells to blind them and beat on them. And Val throws up some healing to keep us all in shape for the beat down.

After the foes are defeated and run away we recover the crown yet again and then we head to Lier to speak with the Dojo (sp?). He tells us the bare minimum and we convince him we can. Unbelievably someone in our team actually has a shred of Diplomacy (I’m NOT looking at you Chalie) and he relents: part of the blood pact between the elves and humans (of the sea) is the elves have to maintain control and the humans continue to worship the “good” sea goddess to maintain the shipping lanes. One side of the equation (elves or humans) had to be eliminated to break the pact and bring the “evil” sea goddess back.
The crown we kept retrieving was meant to be used to curse the entire human lineage, taking them out and breaking the blood pact. And now that we’ve screwed up their plans of doing it by sneaky means he thinks it’s going to be an all out balls to the wall crazy violent blood bath. Are we in? Hells Yes we are!!
He is going to use us as bait and let the word get out that we still have the crown so the baddies will fall right into our clutches. We’re getting back on the boat to lure the enemy. We have a fake crown and an official boat as we head out again.

In the Face, Kraken

At the beginning of our latest encounter, our obvious priority was to find the impostor princess and KILL HER before she ruined the garden party… and/or ruined some human lives! Shauna was out for the count and we left her in good hands while we moved on to locate the assassin/impostor in the castle. Luckily, Celeste and Sunder were mad as heck and were able to intimidate some underlings into telling us where the private princess quarters were located. And, Fauna was able to use her streetwise to figure out how to get us there. Skill challenge – check!

When we entered the Princess’s chamber, we found the Princess-impostor hovering over a very bloody prince on the verge of death. We bolted for her, but she jumped out of the window before any attacks could be made. Fauna was brave/stupid enough to jump out the window after her, while the rest of us stayed in the room to stabilize the prince and stand guard. Bad timing for us, because the city guard showed up and there we stood with a nearly dead prince on our hands!! It would look bad to anyone.

We tired to tell the guards the truth, but they were having none of it! So battles ensued… #1, a short-lived battle between Fauna and the assassin who both made it safely out of the window and down 3 stories to the ground. That battle lasted 1 round – Fauna was hit by the prince-ass-assin and knocked unconscious. Bye bye, Prince-ass-assin as she ran away, and a nearly permanent bye-bye for Fauna!

The rest of us battled the 6 city guards. We bloodied a few, and they bloodied a few of us. Finally the Price got his crap together enough to tell them to back off. Only half of the guards saw him, so we had to subdue the rest. Sunder intimidated a bloody guard and the Prince kept yelling. With all of the blood – bloody Prince, bloody Guards, and bloody heros – we were all surprised when nobody died.

The guards ran off on the Price’s orders to try to chase down the Prince-ass-assin and we followed the Price to meet up with Shauna and figure out a new game plan! Shauna was stable, but still not battle-worthy. We relayed the happenings of the past encounter with the bodies in the box and rescuing the real princess, etc. The prince wanted to know where Krik and the real Princess were currently located. We gave him the info on the ship, but Sunder was hesitant to give the princess’s location because the walls have ears.

Our New order – The prince asked us to interrogate his staff to root out remaining impostors. We asked for sandwiches. We figured that since the garden party was called off they must have a bunch of little finger sammies laying around! After eating our share, we set out to scream in some assassin cultists (and innocent bystander) faces to get some answers. At the same time, the Prince sent some underlings to fetch Krik and Co. on the boat we left.

List of Staff to find –
Jeanna – Handmaid of Princess (we found the real Jeanna, so we know the one in the city is fake)
Dante – Who’s Dante?
Estem – Who’s Estem?

We know that the staff should all be located in the private castle tower/quarters and easily find Jeanna’s room where she is gettin her hair did by a servant girl while a butler waits by the door of the room. We get into position to KILL HER. Of course she was on to us and sent out a blast that blew Celeste and Sunder away from her, although she failed to do any real damage. Chalie hit Jeanna with an arrow and pushed her towards Celeste’s FACE. The Butler pulled a nasty knife and we realized that the servant girl is obviously just a servant girl. After some vile vials were thrown by the Butler and some back and forth – including a constantly burning Fauna who failed so many throws. Every round, she was still on fire.

After defeating two more cultist baddies, everyone reconvenes with the prince. This includes Shauna & General Rake. The prince asks us to share the real princess’s location with Shauna and he asked us to follow a ship that left the harbor too early today. It is rare that a ship does not wait for its papers before leaving port, so something fishy must be up. We make sure that Shauna meets up with the princess and then we head out to sea again with the plan to KILL THEM and continue on to Lier to collect our reward from the original quest giver.

Unfortunately for everyone our mission was thwarted by a deep sea creature wanting some garden party sammies of his own! The baby Kraken (baby aboleth) had about 10 rounds to take us down, but the gods were on our side and we took him down in 2, starting with a brilliant idea from Chalie to immobilize him in his tracks… eh, do krakens leave tracks? Anyway, we all had great rolls and after some blinding, implanted suggestion, and probably more, the baby kraken keeled over and we slit him open to find some dead sea mean and their treasures in his belly!

From prince – $500gp each
From Kraken – 700GP total
1 bloodstone – 50gp
1 moonstone – 50 gp
1 spinelstone 90 gp
1 bracers of perfect shot (+2 to range) 680gp
1 potion of vitality 900gp

xp =
150 princes
120 guards
115 jeana
100 kraken

485 total each

4/28/13 The Butler Did It (yes, I went there)

We pick up with our ragtag adventurers after a relatively decent nights rest. Except for Chalie who hears the sound of water within the temple over the course of the evening.

After we all awake we proceed through the next door in our path. It is nature trapped, we discover after Gork steps on a hidden trigger that sends a flood of water down upon us. Damage is dealt to all. Fiona, however, is a skilled acrobat who is able to leap gracefully over the trigger floor tile and get to the door on the other side. It opens to a large room that is filled with water. There is a partially submerged door on the far side. It occurs to the group that the mechanical levers they discovered might be the key.

Poor Gork gets an aerobic workout by running back and forth switching levers back and forth until the room is drained and the trap disengaged. But the room isn’t fully drained now is it? At the far corner of the room there is still a pool. As we approach the far door (no longer submerged) the pool starts to bubble ominously…..and Lobstermen begin to arise from it’s depths.

They strike first as we stare in shock. Celeste is hit hard right off the bat, Bear takes a mighty swing but barely misses. Their dank odor fills the room, these guys smell like rancid meat. Definitely not worthy of drawn butter. Poor Val goes down and is unconscious, Bear retreats to protect her. But we rally and Gork takes out one of them while Celeste exacts a little revenge on the other for her injuries and Fauna finishes him off.

As we enter the next room we see 2 large crates on a raised platform. These crates must be of some importance. We open the first to discover it has 3 unconscious people dressed in finery. We recognize their garb as that of palace servants. The second crate contains an even bigger surprise: the Princess! Unfortunately for her, the other occupants of her crate are deceased and have been for some time. One of the others wakes up and immediately asks about the princess. He is the Head Butler for the royal family. He recounts how they were preparing the princess for a large celebration when they were attacked and kidnapped in the castle……a month ago! They have been given food and water just enough to survive, barely. We realize that there are fakes, probably cultists, in their place at that very moment.

Suddenly the Princess briefly comes out of her fog just long enough to begin screaming about “her” coming. Sure enough we hear someone approaching, we hide the civilians behind the crates as we ready our weapons. A robed human female (controller) approaches with 4 constructs. Chalie “I am the Darkness” sees everything and draws her bow. The fight begins. (I’m going to transcript exactly from my notes here:) “Chalie shoots the shit out of all the constructs with rapid shot, Fauna blinds them crits the controller and puts her down like a dog” I’m sure the rest of us had some important blows, but those lines pretty much sum it up.

We depart the temple with our prisoners….err, rescuees. (Princess, 2 butlers & maid). We row back to the ship that is waiting offshore. We question each person alone and learn how they were taken, when and where. We confirm our suspicion of the impostors. During our interrogations, um questioning, we realize that one of the butlers is in fact a cultists. He doesn’t seem keen on answering our questions. After a brief pow wow between Gork, Celeste, and Chalie it is decided that we should tie a rope around our “informer” and throw him off the ship a couple of times to loosen his lips (yeah, I’m neutral/good, what’s it to you?!) The plan works and we learn that this plan had been working for the past 2 years. This is deeper than we had imagined and we have just scratched the surface.

It is decided that instead of bringing the Princess (who is in a catatonic state, by the way) to the castle we should stash her and the maid who agrees to stay with her, with the old fisherman jack for healing and safety. The haughty know it all Butler in Charge Krik is not pleased with the idea so we lock him in a cabin. The traitor/cultist Tam gets locked in the brig. These two shall stay on the ship while we attempt to infiltrate the palace and introduce the impostor cultists to our sharpened steel.

Fortunately for us Gork, who turns out to be a bit of a spy, works with Shauna the Paladin. She connects with us and takes us to a safe house to prepare ourselves to look like guests of the palace for the fancy garden party that is about to take place. As we approach the castle grounds, we enter a beautiful garden. We are greeted by none other than “Krik” the head butler. Wanting to get a better look at the impostor Celeste gets mighty close. A little too close for comfort it seems. As Krik starts to look suspicious she mutters “What, don’t you remember our weekend together?!!” A flustered Krik sputters, apologizes, and looks to Shauna for assistance. At which point she states “Krik I have known you for 15 years, and you have never been interested in women!” At this point he knows the jig is up and his appearance begins to change into a cultist covered in embedded crystals used for solidifying his appearance.

And it’s on!!!! Shauna is the first to be hit and is knocked unconscious against a column. We all gang up on fake Krik and take that bastard down. His body begins to disintegrate.

Onyx (4) from female controller 600gp ea.
Finemail armor (we gave this to someone in the party)
Onyx (3) from butler contoller 800gp ea.

70 for Trap/water room
60 for Lobstermen
320 for Controller and Constructs
175 for Butler controller

Favorite quotes from table (feel free to add your own, I can’t get them all down):
“Nothing solves a traumatic event like Bling”
“I’m never in the bathtub without my weapon” (I have no context to this one, it was just written on the sheet by itself, but its hilarious and should be said at each sitting by someone)

The Price is Right! I'll take what's behind door #2

The Price is Right: I’ll take door #2

“It all started with David Bowie’s crotch” (*actual quote from the table)

After mourning the loss of loyal Moo in the sewer battle. Shauna led us out and to the barracks to be debriefed by Captain Ryek. He had discovered that the crown had been switched with the fake in the last month. They captured and interrogated one of the servants but he won’t give up his fellow cultists. Capt. Ryek feels that action should be taken as quickly as possible to quell the cultist activities, they know we are onto them and will be getting antsy. He believes they are holed up in a cave on the other side of the island in an old temple that is only accessible in the spring. Which as luck would have it, is right now. Then he tells us the Crown Prince wishes to speak with us personally.

Prince Assam enters the barracks to address us. He is only 20, but his serious demeanor and stoic nature give him the appearance of someone older than his years. He thanks us for assisting his guards and fighting the cultist party crashers at the Kaba. He acknowledges that we are taking on a dangerous enemy and he does not take our assistance lightly. (It’s nice to be respected). In payment for taking on the enemies of Assam and fighting on his behalf we will be paid 500 gp per person, or perhaps more if our jaunt proves to be especially dangerous.

Finally he introduces us to one of his assistants who has volunteered to join our group. Gork is a half-orc. Looks pretty ready to do some battle and will certainly be a great asset to our group.

Side note: As the Prince spoke Fauna realized that he had the slightest resemblance to the elves. Perhaps there is some elven blood in his family tree. Sunder believed it was possible he was a changeling and was ready to go at him, but we managed to convince her otherwise. (that Sunder, always wanting to kick some ass…..)

We were consigned a ship and crew to take up to the cave temple. It was a beautiful blue sky day with a brisk wind so we made it to the entrance very quickly. In spite of their nervousness the crew handled the ship expertly and dropped us just inside the cave entrance. Which was a big relief to Celeste who, after trading her leather for scale armor is extremely concerned about sinking.

This place smells awful. It is as if we have been swallowed by a sickly whale with decomposing insides. The walls are slimy and barnacles are around the area too. The stench is almost overwhelming and we are happy the temple doors ahead are not trapped and we can enter the next area and hopefully find relief from the smell. Well, it was slightly less smelly, although not much. But as we begin to survey the room we are pounced on by 2 swarms of green slimy winged reptiles. Ugh, those things are creepy and almost all of us are either attacked or slowed. Donella takes a huge hit and she’s down. We’re trying to get to her to pull her out and save her, but the swarms are so thick…..Chalie, her usual cool self steps back and begins firing arrows. Each arrow skewers at least two, sometimes three and plants firmly into the far wall. Those little batzards (bat-lizards) never see her coming. Eventually we all get some good blows to land on them and clear a path for Donella to be healed. Then lo and behold that little gnome jumps up and slices and dices the rest of those batzards to pieces. Note to self: don’t piss off the gnome…those little hands are fast!

As we explore the room. We discover another room off to the side that hold unusual levers and mechanisms that appear to have something to do with raising or lowering the water level. Fearing that we could get trapped inside the temple and have a cultist flip the switch on us Fiona puts a lock on the door to the room that will send out an alarm if it is tampered with. We open other doors leading off this room that appear to be the beginnings of corridors and mazes of rooms (perhaps) Clearly this temple is more complex that we first believed. Next we open a door to a little closet size room with 3 more doors. Really? Haven’t these folks heard of archways? Fiona digs in her bag of tricks to undo the traps on the first door but it does not go well and a pillar of flame shoots out and hurts her pretty bad. Valeriana (Val) comes to her aid and heals her so she is good to go. Two of the 3 doors in this room are empty and traps. The last one opens into an even larger room covered in….you guessed it, doors! (14 to be exact, the door salesman must’ve had a really good day)

We kick open a door at the far end of the room and 4 bad guys pop out of nowhere. Time to kick some butt. They try to grab us with large metal jaws that grab on and hurt. These particular devices are forever known as poop rings and are to be avoided at all cost. After a skirmish we vanquish these guys and inspect the room that triggered their arrival. It is a treasure room!

After gathering the goods we head through another door. Chalie, while inspecting, finds a hidden hole in the floor. It is rather large and slopes down beyond where we can see. There is the usual smell like the rest of this awful place, but it is tinged with the smell of the sea. Perhaps this hole leads out of this place. We consider putting Donalla on a rope and sending her down, but that would be demeaning and as I noted before, you don’t want to piss off the gnome.

Finally we enter another room (yes, door). That only contains a fireplace. No furniture, nothing…just fireplace. Weird. As Chalie investigates it, the fireplace comes to life and throws her across the room. Crash! She is practically unconscious. Gork and Sunder rush to fight the beast. Fiery tendrils leap out at them. Val’s bear gets in the game as well as Celeste. Gork makes the first big blow to the creature, but still we can only see a fireplace. Sunder strikes a mighty blow but still it’s true nature is not revealed. We know it is more and continue to battle and the facade eventually gives way to its true form, an oozing mimic.

Exhausted, our party decides this is a secure enough space to rest for the day/night (it’s hard to tell in this windowless stinky place. And pick up anew tomorrow.

Celeste, however, is concerned about the hole in the floor in the next room. What if the tunnel is not a way for those in the temple to get out, but instead a way for something outside to be able to get in.

XP for this encounter:
64 ea for Batzards
170 ea for poop ring guys
100 ea for med mimic

Treasure (from room):
onyx (40 gp)
rose quarts (30 gp)
potion of owls wisdom (300 gp)
masterwork harp (100 gp)
450 gold pieces
several glowing orbs (communication?)

4th encounter
Rock & Roll All Night/Party Everyday

Sea of Turnia

Encounter #4 (3/17/13) – Rock and Roll all Night and Party Everyday

After weeks at sea, fighting, waiting to fight, and fighting some more, our intrepid party finds itself finally heading for land, to ___(city name here)_________. Hopefully in time to thwart whatever assassination attempt is about to be made. But we still have so many unanswered questions: who, when and where?

We arrive in _____________during the Golden Week. The party has already begun and the citizens are in full celebration mode. The sound of singing and laughter bounce across the water as we approach the coast guard station. Naturally, the Captain of the Coast Guard looks at our motley bunch with some suspicion. But we convince him our intentions are good and we must speak with someone in charge and warn him of an impending disaster.

General Kamp is summoned and listens to the captain of the ship we arrived in and is convinced that we are indeed who we say. He listens to our report regarding the cultist and assassination attempt. We learn that there are 2 competing royal families in the city. The daughter of one family is married to the crown prince of the other. The Crown Prince has been running the govt. operations for the past 10 years as the King is getting on in years and having difficulty keeping up with the day to day duties. This eliminated the old King as the target, but meant that either the prince or his wife could be in the crosshairs. However, we cannot determine why the cult would be interested in either party as they couldn’t prosper in either case. (Perhaps there is something more behind the cult activity)

We show the General the crown that had been recovered from the cultists. He confirms it is the authentic crown but wonders who could’ve possibly taken it and what kind of fake replacement is currently on display. We also provide him the information regarding the group communicating with the orbs. He departs to investigate the crown affair.

Nothing parts a crowd like a motley crew with a Minotaur wearing cultist medallions. We head toward the docks to attempt to uncover more details of the plot. As we hang out at a bayside bar/fish hut we are approached. It is a group of fishermen led by an old man, they are obviously angry and only a few torches and pitchforks away from being an angry mob. “Don’t know where you came from but you better leave. We threw your bitch goddess out of here long ago”. After a few moments of staring at each other one of us leans in close and whispers our true intentions. Jack (the old guy) takes us back to his fishing hut.

It is there we learn more details of the cult whose medallions we are wearing, beginning with the name of the goddess, Umberlee. Jack tells us he knew we weren’t really cultist when we didn’t react to the name the locals prefer to call her: the bitch queen. Apparently she used to be worshipped exclusively in the city too much pain and despair. Finally the local population revolted against her minion/followers and kicked them all out of the city. Currently the fishermen of the city worship Osprem and there has been serenity and peace since they expelled the bitch queen and her followers from the town.

He suggests we go to 2 places in search of answers. The temple where everyone is going to leave gifts and offerings and the Rogue district. We head to the temple up the hill. It is crowded and we have to split up: Dwarf and Human, Drow & Minotaur. Yes, a few heads are a’ turnin’ for sure. Through investigation we uncover that this temple has areas that are actually very old, it appears to be the old Umberlee temple, re-designed for Osprem and lesser gods/goddesses.

We leave and head back later that night to the Kaba to party down and perhaps stop an assassination. Along the way we meet a passing bard who says some shit is going down tonight and the locals are staying home (yes, that is exactly how I wrote it in my notes, it was too good to pass up)

We are at the par-tay trying to look cool, (or at least answer the age old question: a human, a dwarf, a minotaur and a drow walk into a bar) when the crown prince and princess enter the temple. The princess is flanked with her nun/monk bodyguards. The prince has his bodyguards, but his main protector/paladin/mistriss is strangely absent.

A stranger sidles up to Chalie and asks for “it”. As she levels her gaze at him all hell breaks loose. The room is full of enemies: 3 slaads, 2 goblins, 1 Dusk Hag. We vanquish all with the help of Shauna, the prince’s girlfriend/guard. One goblin tries to run away and is caught. The prince is hit pretty bad, but after the fight we learn that, SURPRISE, its a decoy prince!

Both the Prince and Princess weren’t really there. Thanks to our warning, they remained safely elsewhere and send poor dupes in their place. Hopefully those guys got hazard pay. The captured goblin tells us he works for the witch queen. He tells us there is a tunnel under the city, but he doesn’t know where the entrance is he was transported there.

Shauna knows where the tunnels are but thought they were all cleared. We head to the entrance. Luckily Chalie sees a trap door that we open and climb down. We are in an underground “temple”. The cavern is covered in shallow water and there is a dais with a statue of Umberlee on it at one end. Skulls are all around the platform. Suddenly Goblins and magic/cleric (honestly my notes were lacking here, but I remember there were more than goblins…weren’t there snake people or something?) So anyway, Dar’s Minotaur got killt! And Celeste almost got killed too. But amazingly the worst dice roller in the world actually got the save! The rest of the crew and Shauna the mistress/paladin saved the day. In fact Celeste was so moved by her bravery she has decided to join the order of Paladin’s and pick up a sword.

XP earned: 250 for goblin/dusk hag battle, 325 for underground temple battle
Loot: 1 aquamarine (600 gp)
black pearl (500 gp)
blue sapphire (700 gp)
masterwork light crossbow x3 (335 gp ea?)
+1 spiked armor (350 gp)

Orbs and Swords

We found a new adventurer “Mr Moo” aka Mootock to join our party and sent Teva on his way back with our older ship.

We placed the Brigand in the position (dead body and all) near the reef in order to meet the other occult ship to find out who was to be assassinated and, in the least to disrupt the plan to kill someone.

The expected ship arrived. It carried the flag of Thurum. Dk blue with red eagle crest. It was a coast guard style ship from the town of Thurum, but we found out quickly that “crew” was in fact the other cult boat coming to meet the cult boat we captured. We killed the cult members, saved the knocked out captain (the only surviving crew member from the original ship) and interrogated the head of the cult party on the new ship. This is what we found:

- Head of this new ship just captured: Elf, Carmay (snake in Elven)
- Next meeting for assasination is southern most point of thurum by the lighthouse.
- Signal for meeting the next party is a body in the water
- Contact name is Touney
- Cult worships sea goddess
- They get orders from orbs sent to them. goal is to kill the most to honor the sea goddess
- meeting of the other cult group is set for full moon (2 day away) The full moon is the beginning of the Golden Week/Royal celebration
- The cult group started from the pirate town of Tem in Assam where there is little more than a tavern and place to gear up and crew up.

Near the end of the battle one cultist poured his blood in the sea and told us the goddess would have her wrath. We ignored a bit, but also expected a kraken to show up. After killing everyone, we found:
- Golden Bottle (900 gp, but should not sell)
- Crown (1347 gp but should not sell)
- Gold skull cap (690 gp)
- 121 gp
- half plate (600gp)
- dragon cloth armor +1 (360 GP)
- Hand claws

Soon after a wormling (no kraken) was sent after us and we brought it close to death and it flew off.

We then set off to meet up with the next group of cultists. We had a hard time killing them on the shore near the lighthouse, but did. And, found:

- Leather armor
- Rope
- Daggers
- Mithral Full Platemail x 2 (840 gp each) lvl 4 (immediate reaction daily power of taking 1/2 damage)

xp 90 – first battle
xp 66 – wormling
xp 120 – final battle (no gnome)
xp 300 – challenges bonus
xp 200 – milestone bonus

776 xp for all present members

Missing INFO, encounter #2
Something about a Kraken and spy boat?

Please feel free to edit this – I am going for it without any notes and to the best of my memory to at least provide some info here! I do not know what loot we have acquired from this day of adventuring.

We continued out on the sea looking for trouble and came across what we thought was some kind of horrible tentacled sea creature. After defeating it found it to be some sort of magical creature that we were unable to identify.

Further sea travel lead us to encounter a merchant ship. After finding it was friendly and speaking with the captain (Gerard), we agreed to help escort them back to (starts with a T?) and offer our protection from pirates. In the night we noticed some suspicious robed folks conspiring above deck and confronted them very un-stealthily. They immediately attacked us. After dispatching the group, including a leader with some very intense mood rings, we found mysterious tokens tied around their necks – a piece of driftwood with a symbol engraved on it?

We had one prisoner alive from the battle and took him down below deck for questioning alongside the captain, Gerard. Donella and Fauna utilized some keen negotiating tactics to pry some information from both parties. We discovered that the robed occult dudes were a group who worshipped the terrible “Sea Goddess” and were planning to rendezvous with a small boat to be taken to a leader figure for an assassination assignment. The captain Gerard revealed he was confronted and threatened by these stow-aways in order to comply with their plans.

We have chosen to continue with Gerard in pursuit of more answers about this plotted assassination, while Doros and his crew return to Lire to report our situation and progress. We head out on merchant ship Brigand for further adventures!

I believe we acquired a total of 255 exp. Please feel free to update and correct as needed!

You're Hired!

Our band of mighty misfits started the adventure by answering a Lireslist post for “Adventurers Wanted.” The leader of the peaceful merchant city of Lire was looking for suitable (tough, yet disposable)hired hands to accept the task of cleaning up some filth on the sea and neighboring town of Thurum. Word on the street is that Thurum is being pirated by Goblins and the ruling Asam family is possibly at risk of being replaced by an entity that may not be so friendly to the peaceful and prosperous Lire.

We boarded Carval, a sea worthy vessel, and our captain, Dorise, let us know immediately that he wouldn’t think twice about ditching us to save his ship, crew and own tail. We set sail.

It took a little looking, but we finally encountered a bloody mess of a goblin ship and immediately set about killing everyone on board. Once the job was done, we boarded the ship and found:

4 smoke sticks (20gp/ea) *
130 GP (MARKED with “Amara”)
Masterwork Greatsword (350gp)
A brown & Green garnet (110gp)
+1 Short Bow x3 (360gp ea)
Medium half armor (masterwork)
16 bolts of fine cloth (from a merchant haul)


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