Sea of Turina

In the Face, Kraken

At the beginning of our latest encounter, our obvious priority was to find the impostor princess and KILL HER before she ruined the garden party… and/or ruined some human lives! Shauna was out for the count and we left her in good hands while we moved on to locate the assassin/impostor in the castle. Luckily, Celeste and Sunder were mad as heck and were able to intimidate some underlings into telling us where the private princess quarters were located. And, Fauna was able to use her streetwise to figure out how to get us there. Skill challenge – check!

When we entered the Princess’s chamber, we found the Princess-impostor hovering over a very bloody prince on the verge of death. We bolted for her, but she jumped out of the window before any attacks could be made. Fauna was brave/stupid enough to jump out the window after her, while the rest of us stayed in the room to stabilize the prince and stand guard. Bad timing for us, because the city guard showed up and there we stood with a nearly dead prince on our hands!! It would look bad to anyone.

We tired to tell the guards the truth, but they were having none of it! So battles ensued… #1, a short-lived battle between Fauna and the assassin who both made it safely out of the window and down 3 stories to the ground. That battle lasted 1 round – Fauna was hit by the prince-ass-assin and knocked unconscious. Bye bye, Prince-ass-assin as she ran away, and a nearly permanent bye-bye for Fauna!

The rest of us battled the 6 city guards. We bloodied a few, and they bloodied a few of us. Finally the Price got his crap together enough to tell them to back off. Only half of the guards saw him, so we had to subdue the rest. Sunder intimidated a bloody guard and the Prince kept yelling. With all of the blood – bloody Prince, bloody Guards, and bloody heros – we were all surprised when nobody died.

The guards ran off on the Price’s orders to try to chase down the Prince-ass-assin and we followed the Price to meet up with Shauna and figure out a new game plan! Shauna was stable, but still not battle-worthy. We relayed the happenings of the past encounter with the bodies in the box and rescuing the real princess, etc. The prince wanted to know where Krik and the real Princess were currently located. We gave him the info on the ship, but Sunder was hesitant to give the princess’s location because the walls have ears.

Our New order – The prince asked us to interrogate his staff to root out remaining impostors. We asked for sandwiches. We figured that since the garden party was called off they must have a bunch of little finger sammies laying around! After eating our share, we set out to scream in some assassin cultists (and innocent bystander) faces to get some answers. At the same time, the Prince sent some underlings to fetch Krik and Co. on the boat we left.

List of Staff to find –
Jeanna – Handmaid of Princess (we found the real Jeanna, so we know the one in the city is fake)
Dante – Who’s Dante?
Estem – Who’s Estem?

We know that the staff should all be located in the private castle tower/quarters and easily find Jeanna’s room where she is gettin her hair did by a servant girl while a butler waits by the door of the room. We get into position to KILL HER. Of course she was on to us and sent out a blast that blew Celeste and Sunder away from her, although she failed to do any real damage. Chalie hit Jeanna with an arrow and pushed her towards Celeste’s FACE. The Butler pulled a nasty knife and we realized that the servant girl is obviously just a servant girl. After some vile vials were thrown by the Butler and some back and forth – including a constantly burning Fauna who failed so many throws. Every round, she was still on fire.

After defeating two more cultist baddies, everyone reconvenes with the prince. This includes Shauna & General Rake. The prince asks us to share the real princess’s location with Shauna and he asked us to follow a ship that left the harbor too early today. It is rare that a ship does not wait for its papers before leaving port, so something fishy must be up. We make sure that Shauna meets up with the princess and then we head out to sea again with the plan to KILL THEM and continue on to Lier to collect our reward from the original quest giver.

Unfortunately for everyone our mission was thwarted by a deep sea creature wanting some garden party sammies of his own! The baby Kraken (baby aboleth) had about 10 rounds to take us down, but the gods were on our side and we took him down in 2, starting with a brilliant idea from Chalie to immobilize him in his tracks… eh, do krakens leave tracks? Anyway, we all had great rolls and after some blinding, implanted suggestion, and probably more, the baby kraken keeled over and we slit him open to find some dead sea mean and their treasures in his belly!

From prince – $500gp each
From Kraken – 700GP total
1 bloodstone – 50gp
1 moonstone – 50 gp
1 spinelstone 90 gp
1 bracers of perfect shot (+2 to range) 680gp
1 potion of vitality 900gp

xp =
150 princes
120 guards
115 jeana
100 kraken

485 total each


Effing awesome!

In the Face, Kraken

Thanks! Just fixed some stuff – anyone is welcome to update, or embellish…

In the Face, Kraken

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