Sea of Turina

Look Out, Its a Trap!


We interrogate our prisoner, Belgran, a rather annoying fellow. After some insistent questioning we learn that the cultists have been holed up on the far side of the island by an old timber port. He also drops this little gem: The Rask Family, a rather influential elven family in Lier don’t like outsiders and want to isolate the elven settlements. We cannot, however, get any further information from him regarding that issue.

Belgran had orders to rendezvous with the cultist at the timber port and we ask the Captain to take us there. He is hesitant due to difficult navigation of the area. He puts in as close as possible and we row the rest of the way in a rowboat. Once we arrive we head up the embankment to the trail. Thankfully Chalie has sharp eyes and sees that there are many missing branches and rows of logs stacked up the path ready to be rolled over whomever happens to be on it. After some deliberation we decide that Chalie should shoot the trigger to release the logs, Sunder and Valeriana will stay at the bottom out of harms way and Celeste will go with Chalie to make sure she has backup in the event of an attack. She does dig a Celeste size trench in the path to jump into and allow the logs to pass over her (and hopefully leave her unharmed). Chalie triggers the trap, the logs fly down the path, Celeste jumps into her trench, Val and Sunder are missed by the logs. The plan goes off without a hitch….except….a couple of the logs get caught in the trench and Celeste is trapped…nay buried alive (if you want to get dramatic) under them. After some intense pushing by both Chalie and Celeste, she is freed from her temporary prison.

At the top of the trail we see a mine shaft (man made) entrance. It appears to be empty. Just to make sure someone…either Sunder or Valeriana yells “Hey Warriors- come out and play!!!!” but alas there is no response.

We enter the cavern. There is a deep pool (we threw a rock in to check) and some wooden pallets (odd) in this room. Up the path towards the next level we see an idol. As we get closer its eyes begin to glow and creatures appear seemingly from nowhere. Our group has heard of these creatures before but there is some confusion as to their names so we call them Christians (the floating monsters with poison barbed tails) and Raptures (oozing things stuck on the wall) And to make matters even more pleasant, the water in the pool starts to rise and fill the cavern. This does not look good.

As we fight these creatures the water continues to rise. Chalie, in all of her brilliant glory, has somehow managed to learn a spell that creates a sort of floating raft out of tree roots THAT SHE CAN MOVE AT WILL. Freakin amazing. Beary picks up Val and gets her out of the water and we all ride to the next level and the awaiting idol. At this point we are wise to the idol’s threat (get it…idle threat….) and basically stay away from it. But fearing that we might miss something and basically being a little ticked off from getting wet we encourage Chalie to take a shot at it with her bow. Well, no good, or vengeful deed goes unpunished and we soon hear a bubbling in the water after the idol is struck…..Piranhas. Really. Piranhas.

So now we cruise over to the next level, and yes the next idol that is awaiting us. We move close enough to trigger it’s glowing eyes and it turns out this one can move us around at will. Or more precisely it can shove us off the raft and into a pool teeming with piranhas. Which it does with Valeriana and Celeste. Chalie begins shooting that idol with her arrows while Valeriana is attacked by piranhas, Sunder gets out her rope to go fishing for Dwarves (Val) and Celeste (who luckily landed in the water away from the little fishies) grabs a potion out of her pack, drinks is and immediately rises to the surface of the water and proceeds to walk across it (potion of water walking). The idol is destroyed. The dwarf fished out of the water (complete with little fishes in her armor…good eating tonight!) and Celeste catches up with the others at the end of the cavern.

Sunder has located a finely engraved sword by the last idol. while she is putting it in her pack we realize that the door leading out of the cavern has a hole roughly the same size as the sword…a lock and key, perhaps?


So Andy, sword and hole? Really? For our group? The group that when you had the Aborith whose belly was full of dead Seamen couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes! Really, you handed us this little picture and did not expect the following:
“Wow, do you think it will fit”
“Should we put the sword in a little at a time”
“Is there a plastic sheath we should put around the sword first”
“What if the sword is too big”
“Should we look in the hole first” (Jesus, I lost it when you said that one Val)
“What if the sword is too small”
“Should we put the sword all the way in and pull it out really fast”

You know I actually couldn’t jot all of the comments down fast enough, and frankly it seemed like there were about 30-50 of them at least so I’m just going to stop right here. My comrades you can add more in the comments if you wish.


Sunder hands the sword/key to Celeste so if the door is also trapped she can take the hit and be healed by the valiant (if not crude) group.

Total XP 887



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