Sea of Turina

Run from a Fight? Never!

Why do we continue to do this, you might ask? Well we had been promised a high level magical item of our choice. And as you know this is quite an offer to warriors like us. I mean gold is one thing….but magical weapons and armor is quite another. Now on top of everything else we have been promised to receive “the Mark of Lier” which is the equivalent of being knighted in a human realm, which would carry our adventurers quite far indeed. And to sweeten the deal we will also each receive an astral diamond of peace. These items, along with the promise of more danger and excitement is really all our little group needs to carry on.

Sunder, however, is hesitant to blindly follow the wishes of the Doge and the kingdom of Lier. She is wise and rightly cautious so we head to the waterfront to meet some of the local citizens and try to determine if the story we are receiving is in fact the whole truth. At the waterfront we meet a local lawman of the city, Bransyn. He is a Half-Elf and seems to be a pretty sharp and honest guy. Currently he is taking statements about local incidents from the citizens of the area. He greets us and begins to tell us that he believes the cultist faction has been luring young hotheads to join their cause. He is also concerned with the recent disappearances of not only crewmen from ships passing through, but higher level ship officers as well. Other people we talk to support the theory that the younger humans (as they are more easily influenced…Celeste gives eyeroll) are joining the cultists, but the non human might be abducted for blood sacrifices. We also discover through questioning that There is a group of semi-influential elves who wish Lier to remain separate from the other nations and not intermingle with the other races. The most vocal of this group is Dorbin who happens to be the nephew of the Doge and is an ardent isolationist.

With the information we have received and our new awesome magical items we awaken feeling particularly strong and happy. As we approach our sailing vessel we see Bransyn on deck. He is insistent on telling us that if we must there is no shame in retreating from the fight that surely is to come as he has heard on the street that we are soon to be ambushed. That we should accomplish our task (of getting a prisoner for information) quickly and retreat as soon as we can. This is an odd request we think…we have not run from a fight yet, why would we consider it now. We thank him for the information and assure him that we will be fine.

Soon after hitting the high sea we are indeed approached by a smaller ship and attacked by a ship carrying a rouge and 2 well armed and armored fighters. We quickly capture the rouge but the battle with the fighters and the Aborinth that joins them last forever (at least 3 hours) nearly killing Celeste on many occasions and even more alarmingly, almost killing Chalie. We finally defeat the fighters and gather their armor and weapons. The high spirits we once had have been drained and we reluctantly acknowledge that the next time someone advises us to run from a fight we should heed their warning.

2x plate armor
2x heavy shield
2x long sword
gold from other ship (anyone know how much?)

300 XP for roleplaying
550 XP for battle



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