Sea of Turina

Who Put These Mutherf*cking Snakes on thei Mutherf*cking BOAT!

We open with our “Heroes” catching up to the assassin/cultist ship after having defeated baby Kraken. As we get near and prepare to board their vessel to kick some cultist ass. But wait! They let fly with their trebuchet and send a barrel flying at us. What’s that about, they’re shooting their beer at us? Um no…it’s SNAKES!!! Fucking barrels of poisonous snakes. One of their number jumps aboard our ship (the nerve!) and begins to whomp on Celeste. Gork, however, climbs high into the mast and swings over to their ship to take out the snake shooter. Apparently he learned that move from some guy named Jack…Johnny…something like that. Eventually we kill the baddie that is on our boat and the underlings run away. After sweeping the rest of the snakes (ugh) of our ship we continue to the smugglers cove.

When we approach the pirates encampment we see our assassin. They recognize us as foes (cause we’ve kicked their asses in the past) and they attack. Celeste manages to fall in a trap right away. Then the team gets hit with a crap bomb by one of the skirmishers. Chalie moves to the dock/higher ground so she can do what she does best: pick those baddies off one by one with her bow. Sunder throws some badass spells to blind them and beat on them. And Val throws up some healing to keep us all in shape for the beat down.

After the foes are defeated and run away we recover the crown yet again and then we head to Lier to speak with the Dojo (sp?). He tells us the bare minimum and we convince him we can. Unbelievably someone in our team actually has a shred of Diplomacy (I’m NOT looking at you Chalie) and he relents: part of the blood pact between the elves and humans (of the sea) is the elves have to maintain control and the humans continue to worship the “good” sea goddess to maintain the shipping lanes. One side of the equation (elves or humans) had to be eliminated to break the pact and bring the “evil” sea goddess back.
The crown we kept retrieving was meant to be used to curse the entire human lineage, taking them out and breaking the blood pact. And now that we’ve screwed up their plans of doing it by sneaky means he thinks it’s going to be an all out balls to the wall crazy violent blood bath. Are we in? Hells Yes we are!!
He is going to use us as bait and let the word get out that we still have the crown so the baddies will fall right into our clutches. We’re getting back on the boat to lure the enemy. We have a fake crown and an official boat as we head out again.



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