Sea of Turina

Missing INFO, encounter #2

Something about a Kraken and spy boat?

Please feel free to edit this – I am going for it without any notes and to the best of my memory to at least provide some info here! I do not know what loot we have acquired from this day of adventuring.

We continued out on the sea looking for trouble and came across what we thought was some kind of horrible tentacled sea creature. After defeating it found it to be some sort of magical creature that we were unable to identify.

Further sea travel lead us to encounter a merchant ship. After finding it was friendly and speaking with the captain (Gerard), we agreed to help escort them back to (starts with a T?) and offer our protection from pirates. In the night we noticed some suspicious robed folks conspiring above deck and confronted them very un-stealthily. They immediately attacked us. After dispatching the group, including a leader with some very intense mood rings, we found mysterious tokens tied around their necks – a piece of driftwood with a symbol engraved on it?

We had one prisoner alive from the battle and took him down below deck for questioning alongside the captain, Gerard. Donella and Fauna utilized some keen negotiating tactics to pry some information from both parties. We discovered that the robed occult dudes were a group who worshipped the terrible “Sea Goddess” and were planning to rendezvous with a small boat to be taken to a leader figure for an assassination assignment. The captain Gerard revealed he was confronted and threatened by these stow-aways in order to comply with their plans.

We have chosen to continue with Gerard in pursuit of more answers about this plotted assassination, while Doros and his crew return to Lire to report our situation and progress. We head out on merchant ship Brigand for further adventures!

I believe we acquired a total of 255 exp. Please feel free to update and correct as needed!



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